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Winch Outs

Pitbull Towing - Winch Outs 2

If we did not do winch outs, we would not be a tow truck company. To free a vehicle from such a sticky situation can involve a lot of bits and pieces. As much as the person performing the winch outs needs a lot of training, car knowledge, equipment and tools, sometimes the best way to get a car out of jam like a winch out, is to use a bit of gut instinct. Our drivers would not be working for us if they did not have that proper winch out instinct. For even the engineer like thinking that goes into winch outs sometimes the true art of it cannot be taught.


What is a Winch Out?

It is one of those days that is a little slushy, until you take a drive into a more country like setting and the slushy snow. Forgetting what kind of car you have you turn into that little driveway at your friends that isn’t cleared yet, and that is when it happens. You keep pressing on the gas putting the car into drive, then neutral then back again to drive. The wheels are just spinning and digging even more of a hole. The winch out is getting the car out of this situation. Using a plank or some sort of material for the wheel to grip on when it spins so it can rise out and the car become unstuck.


Not only Snow

Winch outs do not only happen in the winter. It is not something specific to the cold or snow. Winch outs are also often needed in the summer, when it is muddy or if a car drivers into very loose sand.  This means that our winch out experts here in Long Island have a vast knowledge of the elements they have to work with, as well as the seasons and what materials and tools will best assist in getting the car unstuck. We have wonderful drivers that know a lot about the area, and about the seasons of this great place. It helps us to know we truly are sending you the best winch out artists in Shirley.



As there are some staple tools for winch outs there is a delicate balance in pulling out the car so there are never any scratches left on the body from the process of the winch out. As the staples go there can be some odds and ends in winch outs that are needed. This happens because each situation is unique and you never know what your tow truck driver is going to need to improvise. They also know they m ay need to improvise and always keep a couple certain items on hand. This is a sign a tow truck driver very skilled at winch outs so it should be nothing of a concern if they bring out something like a flattened cardboard box to help you out.


The Price

Like all of our services, the cost of a winch out is always fair. We here at Pitbull Towing want to make sure the great people of Shirley understand that we price our things the way we do because we know it assists you in your time of need. We have a very high rating of professionalism and our customers are always thankful for the results. However they are also even more thankful of the price of the results. When it comes to your winch out will be pleased at how it did not cost you an arm and a leg.

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