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Junk Car Removal

Pitbull Towing - Junk Car Removal 2

Cars are investments that we make and have for years. Sometimes when a car is at the end of its useful years it is hard to let it go. This happens and then when it seems impossible to sell, it is still difficult to part with. Well when you have a vehicle in your yard taking up space one of the best things you can do for your self, your home, and you loved ones is get it picked up. When we remove junk cars from yard the whole landscape of your property gets a facelift. Not only that, but we also always give top dollar to the cars we pick up.


Top Dollar

Here at Pitbull Towing besides the auto tow we are known in Shirley for our junk car removal service. When it comes time to get your junk car removed and you are looking for payment we always give our sellers the best price they are looking for. This is important to us because we understand that parting with an old car is not always easy and you deserve the most you can get from the vehicle you put some time into. We have consistently been rated as one of the best buyers when it comes to junk cars. So do not wait, any longer call us.



Our junk car removal service is also a very fast service. When you phone us to get your car you will not be waiting long for us to retrieve it. We always act right away when we get that phone call. The sooner we get the vehicle the better it is for you and us. We arrive fast and will pay you what you deserve even faster. Then when we have your car be sure to know that your scrap is never disposed of irresponsibly. We take care of these cars and make sure they get the proper treatment in their last days.


Pitbull Towing in the Community

We consider ourselves very lucky for being a staple in Shirley. We are thankful that our junk car removal efforts have been received so well, and that our large service area helps inspire people to entrust us with their old cars. We feel like we have been given so much that we think it is important to give back. We know that we put all our effort into making sure our services are top notch for every single customer that needs us. However we know that there is still more we can do, and we do try.


Our Extra Effort

For all the great people of this part of the country we know that a lot of us can fall on hard times. We know that sometimes those hard times can be very difficult. That is why when we have a surplus we like to make sure that we spread out the good fortune. We donate to the Veterans of Long Island and to the homeless. These issues are ones that we hold close to our heart because we have seen a lot of good men have a hard time on the streets and after war. This is how we run our business and we are grateful that we get to work with you, because it helps us help others.

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