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Full Wrecker Service

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Having a towing company was our dream so many years ago. Now it is the reality we live everyday. We are so happy to be doing this in Shirely, in Long Island that we want to make sure our efforts are understood. We could not call ourselves a tow truck company if we did not have available to all of you, a full wrecker service. This means that on land or in the water, no matter where you find your vehicle standard we can help you. With our fully equipped fleet of trucks we can tow just about anything.



Our fleet of vehicles and trucks are the best on the towing market. We always make sure to keep up to date with out equipment and that includes our trucks.  We know a lot about cars so when we are outfitting the vehicles for our fleet we make sure that our clients are getting the best trucks to help them out of their sticky situation. We know how stressful it can be when you need a wrecker service, and that is why we do everything we can to make the experience for you as smooth as possible. This includes having a fleet you can have faith in.



Our wrecker drivers are assigned each vehicle they are most familiar with. We also only hire drivers that have tons of on the road experience, who are certified and who come highly recommended and trained. Again this improves our entire system of towing. This is so you know you can count on us, and our drivers.  Our drivers not only perform their job to highest standard of towing and beyond, but they also are always respectful and courteous of the people they are towing for. That means they are responsive, kind, and clear when discussing with you the issues of your vehicle.



As we mentioned before we got into this business knowing we would be busy, but not to rip people off. We have a lot of faith in mankind and want to give back to the people of Shirley. They have been so great to us and we know just as much as anyone else that the need for a wrecker service isn’t usually something our clients are happy about needing. That is why the cost of any of our services, including this one is always very fairly priced. We are competitively priced not for competition but to be fair to our customers.


Pitbull Towing Expertise

We have been on the road for years doing junk removal, auto towing and wrecker service. We have the certifications the training and the knowledge. We make sure all our employees keep up with the knowledge that we have gained from the onsite experience so they  have that fantastic base that has set our company apart. We know trucks, we know cars and we know long island like the back of our hand. We work professionally and thoroughly so you never have to wait long. We want to help you get on your way as soon as we can.

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