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Emergency Recovery

Broken down auto vehicle car towed onto flatbed tow truck with hook and chain

When emergencies happen you need the right recovery team. We take this role very seriously in Shirley. As a tow truck company that has emergency recovery we have and there is potential to arrive on some very serious incidences. We know how to handle these because we have been highly trained and our professionals but we also know that you in need of our emergency recovery may not be use to what you are experience. This is why we do this service and take it seriously. We want to do what we can to make sure the people we serve all the time are ok in any situation, but especially when it is dire.



We are highly trained professionals that know how to assess any situation when it has happened. When two vehicles hit, or a car goes off the road and is rendered un-drivable we are fully equipped with the skills to separate the cars and move them to a location to fix them. We have encountered all kinds of situations on the road and we want to make sure that all our new employees are fully in the know of what we heave learned. This is of course, always on top of the experience and professionalism they bring before they are hired with us.



Our fleet of tow trucks, emergency recovery trucks, and wreckers are the best on the roads in Shirley. We always keep our trucks in great shape. We do this by making sure they get routinely inspected as a safety procedure before the drivers even start their shift. They also have regular tune-ups and everyone at Pitbull towing consistently keeps up to date with the latest in tow truck technology. This means our fleet is always ahead of the game. This allows us to more readily respond to emergency recovery. When we respond quicker and faster this allows our clients peace of mind.




When the cost of emergency recovery seems like something that is going to stress you out, you need not worry with us. At Pitbull towing no one understand more than us the other things that are going through your mind besides the cost of emergency vehicle recovery. We want to keep it that way. There is never any surprise when we come to help you. You will not be shocked at the cost of this very special important service. We are happy to provide it at a fair price that will help you out in the end. When you need emergency recovery that isn’t going to break the bank, we are the ones for you.


Pitbull Towing Professionalism

When we are responding to a serious situation we are always very professional. In any job we have we carry authority respectfully. Of course we do this in emergency situations that call for it even more. We know that when we have one of these phone calls where an emergency recovery is needed, it is likely that an accident has happened and was fairly serious. We always hope and pray that no one was seriously injured or hurt but when we arrive to help people we understand the possibilities. This is why we find it even more important to carry ourselves professionally.

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