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Auto Towing

junk car shirley ny

Here in Shirley we know an assortment of things that usually go according to plan, can change. Sometimes they change on a whim when we really do not want them too. When this happens it is important to make sure you have the support you need. When we got into the towing business we knew we would be filling that role for someone who was in crisis. We want to help people when they need it most.  Auto Towing happens to be one of those times. Auto Towing in Shirley is a role we take very seriously. We want our clients to know that their time is important to us.



For those of that have cars we become really attached to them. They make a huge difference in our lives. Things are much easier to do and time to get from one place to another does not mean walking for hours, or having to deal with people on the public transit. Here at Pitbull towing we understand how important you vehicle becomes to you. We are in auto towing because we have the perfect sized trucks, and the complete understanding of how your day has been ruined when you need a tow. So we are here to care for your car and for you.


Fleet of Trucks

When you find your self in the vulnerable position of needing a tow for your car you may not always like the idea. We can assure you though that our fleet of trucks here is in spectacular condition. This is to reassure you that when our trucks tow your car it will be in the best of hands. You will not have to worry about vehicle getting any further damages just from being towed. Our auto towing ensures that your vehicle is kept in mint condition when attached to one of our superior auto towing trucks.



The best part about our job is working with the great team that we have. All the employees of Pitbull are really great people that have impressed us to no end, and turned out to make a real quality crew of employees. Most of our employees come from the long island area as well so we can proudly say we shopped local for our team. Professional, trained, certified and experience the towing experts that we put on the road never let anyone down. That is why we make sure we always hire the best so our consistent gold star rating in everything we do, stays that way.



When it comes to needing a tow one of the biggest fears we ran into with out customers is the worry of the cost. We are known for our fair prices with junk removal so we are not going to rip people off when they are in need. We understand that towing can come unexpected and be a pain. That is why our professional services are very competitively priced. When you need an auto tow we will not be that tow truck company you call and who charges you into bankruptcy. We are here to help.

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