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About Us

towing service Shirley NY

When it comes to towing we have everything down to a tee. We know what we are doing and we are proud of our company and proud to be based in Shirley New York. When you need the best tow truck company you have found it. This is why we got into these businesses because we wanted to raise the standard. Our junk car removal service is very important to us, as it is our staple. We also do this exceptionally because we want to be known as the buyers that buy your junk car for a good price. This is what has happened to our reputation in this city. We could not be prouder. We are the tow truck company raising standards with our amazing staff, beautiful fleet of trucks, and super high performance with every job that we get. On top of that we are the best junk car removal offering you awesome prices for the scrap metal you never thought you would get rid of.

On top of these wonderful services that we offer we also want it to be known that we like to give back to the community that has been so great to us and received us so well. When you with us let it be known that when we have extra profit we donate it to the veterans of long island and the homelessness in this part of New York. These are two issues that we see everyday that are very important to us and we want to implement change in our community so they deserving people have a better life.

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