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Pitbull Towing

Auto Towing & Junk Car Removal

When you need a tow to help you out of a sticky situation with your car, we are the reliable tow truck company you can depend on in Shirley New York.  Having been working in the area for years we know Shirley, and the roads outside of Shirley like the back of our hand. We have become a staple in the community by always paying top dollar for all junk cars and by consistently donating sizeable amounts of our profit to the veterans and homeless of Long Island.

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About Us

Well we are from the area and we have a lot of experience in tow trucking. We have always loved Long Island and felt that any business in the area should give back to the community that receives it. We have been really grateful for our clients and are always happy to help people out when they are stuck in a jam. This is one of the reasons we make sure to always give the best price for our junk removal. On top of this we make it a priority to not only give back to the community through the means of our great service, but we also donate to the homeless in the area and to veterans.

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    Our Services

    Here we run the best towing service in Shirley. We also do junk car removal in Shirley, have 24 hour towing in Shirley as well as emergency towing.  Our wrecker service is based here in Shirley and has fantastic reviews as well as our towing and recovery, roadside assistance and car removal.  Our drivers and technicians are highly trained professionals that have a lot of experience in all these areas. When you want the best in Long Island you want Pitbull Towing.

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    Car Towing in Action. Car on the Towing Car Being Towed Out.

    Auto Towing

    Our auto towing services are here for you so you never have to worry when you find yourself stuck again. With light medium and heavy duty towing capabilities, no matter what situation you find yourself in Pitbull Towing is here for you. We have a great fleet of trucks and wonderfully trained drivers who know what you need. When you find yourself in need of help try and get ahold of us.

    Junk Car Removal

    Pitbull Towing’s main service in Shirley NY is our junk car removal. Not only do we come over and inspect the car, we always give a fair price for your junk vehicles. We have grown a reputation in the area that could not be more true- yes we do always give top dollar for your junk cars. When you need to get your broken vehicles removed we are here for you and can do that.  Not only do we do give top dollar but we also do same day collection so you do not have to wait around for your car to be removed. We also have no problem if the car does not have keys, or if it does not have a title. We pick up abandoned vehicles and we remove junk cars, trucks, and vans. Depending on what state your car is in, the future of the car could have one of many options.

    CHIANG MAI, THAILAND -JANUARY 8 2018: Nam Jaruen Tow truck for emergency car move. Photo at road no 121 about 8 km from downtown Chiangmai, thailand.
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    Full Wrecker Service

    Our full wrecker service means that we are fully equipped and prepared to help you with your vehicles. No matter what size of vehicle on land or sea with our fleet of trucks you never have to worry what kind of problem you get yourself into because we can get you out.

    Winch Outs

    It happens to the best of us. You go for a drive and you try and take a road that isn’t used that often, and all of a sudden one of your wheels is spinning and you car is not moving. That is when you need us at Pitbull Towing to help you out.

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    Pitbull Towing - Winch Outs 2

    Shirley NY Towing

    When it comes to needing a tow it never is predictable what time of day that will happen. When you need a tow, our Shirley NY towing company are here for you. We are available seven days a week.

    Emergency Recovery

    When it comes to recovering a vehicle in an emergency all our staff is emergency prepared.  Our trucks and equipment are inspected and looked over so when you and your vehicle are in an emergency and are in need of an emergency recovery we are ready.

    Contact Us Today

    When you are in need of a tow and are looking for the best Auto Towing & Junk Car Removal service in Shirley we are very confident that is us. Here at Pitbull towing we have prided ourselves on open communication. So not only are we superior in the services we offer we are also very superior in our client relations. It is important for us that our clients feel they can ask us anything about towing. We are also very happy to talk about our junk removal and how we donate to the homeless of Long Island, as well as to the veterans to this great country.